Where creative minds learn, innovate & deploy.


We are your strategic innovation team and decision partner.

As the industry-facing branch of CIID, our learn-by-doing method of iterative product, service and experience prototyping creates confidence in decision making, and clarifies options for next steps.

We collaborate with industry leaders across private, public and non-profit sectors.

By focusing on a few, long-term relationships we accumulate insight, create synergies and deliver actionable insights. Our partners get direct, high-touch exposure to our process and culture, building internal innovation capabilities.

"CIID gives values to its partners by exposing them to an innovation philosophy based on prototyping and learning by doing. They help their partners through a people-centred approach for strategic product and service development."

We are at the heart of an international design hub.

Creating global impact requires a global network. CIID combines an award-winning innovation team, a cutting-edge research group, a world-renowned design school and startup incubator. Our network of partners and alumni includes leaders and visionaries across the globe.

We share a passion for people and life-centred design.

Our international innovation team spans a broad range of expertise across interaction design, service design, and business innovation. We have the capabilities to produce a balanced approach between desirability, technological feasibility and business viability.

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