Design for welcome, safe, informed citizens


As the Copenhagen Municipality transitions to unmanned sports facilities, CIID service designers and creative technologists used rapid prototyping to identify ways in which digital services could ensure that all Copenhageners feel welcome, well-informed and safe in these unmanned facilities. Through qualitative research and testing a range of possibilities, the team identified the most desirable and viable digital experiences for the municipality to pursue, as well as implementation considerations for the next phase of development.

The project was run with the City of Copenhagen’s Culture and Leisure Administration, collaborating together through workshops to develop concepts, evaluate prototypes, and infuse rapid prototyping methods into the city’s innovation approach.

The initial seed for this opportunity came out of a two-week course on people-centred research with students at CIID’s Interaction Design Programme. Partnering with the city of Copenhagen’s Culture and Leisure Administration, the course explored the role a sports facility can play for residents and sports club. The student’s insights and initial concepts, based on Valby Idrætspark, identified an opportunity for sports parks to serve as a melting pot for culture. This sparked a city-wide approach using digital services to further cultural integration as the city as sports facilities transition to be unmanned.

Project Activities
  • Design Research
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Ideation Workshops
  • Rapid Digital Prototyping
  • Rapid Physical Prototyping
  • Concept Testing & Validation
  • Related