Getting youth back on track for work or education


In partnership with the Rockwool Foundation, CIID service designers developed an intervention program for local Danish governments, which provides youth with internships, support, persistence and positive focus on their motivations, while also minimizing cost. CIID and the Rockwool Foundation team—working closely with vulnerable young people, businesses, job centers and psychologists—co-created NExTWORK, a service that helps vulnerable youth build a path towards lasting employment or education. The service was designed, built and tested in a prototype phase that lasted six months. Based on the experiences and results from the successful prototyping of the service, Roskilde Municipality has allocated funding to continue NExTWORK in a two year pilot project from January 2017. Additionally, the Copenhagen Municipality is preparing to launch a two-year pilot in January 2018.

The first stages of the engagement, the initial research with vulnerable youth and service co-creation, was led by the CIID team in collaboration with the Rockwool Foundation. One of the CIID team members joined the Rockwell Foundation full-time to manage the pilot, where she was joined by a fellow alumni of the CIID Interaction Design Programme.

One of the tools used in the intervention is an app developed by a graduate of CIID Interaction Design Programme during his final project and developed with the the support of The Nest, CIID’s venture incubation program. The app is used to track the development of young people going through NExTWORK, to help them set goals and sustain motivation.

Project Activities
  • Qualitative Research
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Value Proposition Definition
  • Stakeholder & Network Mapping
  • Co-creation
  • Service Design
  • Concept Testing & Validation
  • Pilot Launch
  • Press